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Shoebox Office covers a different genre or theme every week, with a focus on new releases from the current year. The show topics often stem from me enjoying a recent release and falling into a rabbit hole of uncovering similar sounds. Some weeks it’s Yet Another Flavor of Indie Rock; other weeks we dive into the strange and experimental. I love to learn about music and artists outside of my usual taste and hope you’ll also stick around for the weirder weeks. :’)

I love hearing from listeners! Feel free to reach out on Instagram or at theresa [at] with song/topic recommendations or miscellany. 🥰

Heavy Rotation

  • Sunday 6:00 – 7:00pm


  • the annual birthday episode retvrns! 90s lo-fi, riot grrrl, and more…

    S3 E38 60 mins

  • A 16-track playlist to accompany your 10-course dinner and/or descent.

    S3 E37 60 mins

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  • Shoebox Office returns to the other bay area for yet another wedding. Featuring music from D.C., Baltimore, and other spacetime constructs.

    S3 E36 60 mins

  • S3 E35 60 mins

  • “future garage” and “microhouse” is what they called your apartment on craigslist.

    S3 E34 60 mins

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