Storied: San Francisco

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About Storied: San Francisco

An ongoing audio and visual documentary about people—artists, bartenders, community leaders, doctors, lawyers, and business owners who have one thing in common—San Francisco is where they live, work, or do their thing.

We aim to further enrich the experience of being here by learning about the many people who've come before us, as well as those who continue to add to the feeling that this place is special. Get to know your neighbors through hearing their stories, and we hope that you'll be inspired by the people you meet here.

We stand with the BIPOC community, especially those folks in the Bay Area, and all who fight for racial and social justice and equality.


  • In this podcast, we pick up where we left off in Part 1 . After college out east, Modesto's Tomas Moreno  moved to the Bay Area.

    S4 E9

  • In this podcast, Maitri Compassionate Care 's Executive Director, Reverend Father Rusty Smith , shares stories of his youth. His very New Mexican mom was a…

    S4 E9

  • ​ Ed. note:  As with Part 1 of Larry's episode, a reminder that we recorded under the BART tracks, so we took pauses when trains passed…

    S4 E8

  • Ed. note:  This one is special for a couple reasons. First, Larry blew us away with his kindness, energy, and knowledge. Also, we recorded under the…

    S4 E8

  • Marcia Gagliardi  could've ended up in LA. In fact, if it weren't for the 1994 Northridge earthquake, there might be no Tablehopper. In this podcast, Marcia…

    S4 E7

  • Marcia Gagliardi 's family used to own a pizzeria and Italian deli in the Sierra foothills. In this podcast, the Tablehopper  creator and author goes a…

    S4 E7

  • In this podcast, Matt picks up where he left off in Part 1 , with his involuntary foray into placing temp workers. Turns out, he loved…

    S4 E6

  • Matt Leum  has more friends from his school days now than he did back then. Matt grew up in Glendale, a suburb north of LA. His…

    S4 E6

  • In this episode, Morris picks up where he left off in Part 1 , sharing some of the pot edibles he was making with a friend.

    S4 E5

  • Morris Kelly 's great-grandfather was a sharecropper who bought his own freedom. In this podcast, Morris, who today owns SF Roots  cannabis company, shares the story…

    S4 E5 31 mins