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Sure, we love Game of Thrones and Mad Men as much as the next girls, but everybody is talking about those shows. We're your source for everything you didn't think you wanted to know about hair conspiracies on Gossip Girl, what Mindy Kaling and Lindsay Lohan have in common, and whether or not your doctor should ever wear formal shorts to the office. Each week we pick a show, theme, or genre and ramble on its ins and outs. We also play music that relates to our theme, which is why our playlists have included Liberace, Ace of Base, and Dr. Dre.


Heavy Rotation

  • Sunday 10:00 – 11:00am


  • What an absolute piece of shit. W. Kamau Bell was a little more nuanced about it.

    60 mins

  • ...we were back at brunch talking about sex stuff. Except now we're really confused about all of it.

    60 mins

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  • Did I play any sports in highschool? NO! Was I stranded in the wilderness for 18 months and maybe forced to eat my teammates? NO! Does…

    60 mins

  • Okay maybe this Olivia Colman woman has a future in acting.

    60 mins

  • Want a show about a pandemic in the midst of your pandemic? Station Eleven may be for you! Hope, Violence, Shakespeare, Trauma, Connection, Comics and airports.

    60 mins

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