Episode 053 - Tovarishch

The Summer of Resistance continues.

101 days until the midterm elections. Let's not bet on Bobby three sticks serving president pussy grabber his walking papers. Let us continue to fight. Push our representatives hard from the left and create momentum that will carry progressives into the Congress come November. In the meantime, get the rock out and enjoy the way Donnie Shortfingers squirms.



  1. Seventeen by Winger on Winger
  2. If The Kids Are United by Sham 69 on xxx
  3. Speed Queen by Thunderpussy on xxx
  4. Blah Blah Blah by Hot Trash on Hope in Grace
  5. I'm an Adult Now by The Pursuit of Happiness on The Pursuit of Happiness
  6. Take Back the Night by Dwarves on xxx
  7. Still Making Excuses for Trump by Keith Olbermann on The Resistance (GQ)
  8. Atomic Punk by Van Halen on Van Halen (Warner Bros.)
  9. Know Your Rights by The Clash on Combat Rock
  10. Middle of the Road by The Pretenders on xxx
  11. Disposable Heroes by Metallica on Master of Puppets