Episode 072 - On Watch

You are right, babies. That’s the sound of oversight! The House of reps is bringing every committee into the breach, ready to fire at Cadet Bone Spurs and his Russian backed, crime empire.

Stay with FOXX for rock and resistance.

We watch the watchers.



  1. Where Eagles Dare by Iron Maiden on xxx
  2. Marijuanauts Theme by Sleep on The Sciences
  3. Bring it On Home by Led Zeppelin on Led Zeppelin II (Atlantic)
  4. I’m Bad by L.L. Cool J on BAD (Def Jam)
  5. The Gas Face (Remix) by 3rd Bass on The Cactus (Remix EP)
  6. 6 N the Mornin’ by Ice T on xxx
  7. Sister Disco by The Who on Who Are You
  8. Ah! Leah! by Iris,Donnie on Back On The Streets
  9. Candy-O by The Cars on Candy-O (Elektra)
  10. Sweet Leaf by Black Sabbath on Master of Reality (Warner Bros.)
  11. Revolve by Melvins on xxx