Sounds In The Dark - 2.24.15

Your Tuesday nightcap featuring new Dan Deacon, plus second spins from the new Aphex Twin, Yuta Nagashima, and Sam Prekop records. Also, ambient gems from Loscil, Seagram Murals, Adam Pacione and more!


  1. Fairyland by Yuta Nagashima on White Sleep (Darla)
  2. A Geometric by Sam Prekop on The Republic (Thrill Jockey)
  3. Feel The Lightning by Dan Deacon on Gliss Riffer (Domino)
  4. Mock Turtle by Seagram Murals on Dynamo (Moodgadget)
  5. Dark Side of the M0nk by Fogh Depot on S/t (Denovali)
  6. Pippi by He Can Jog on Norwood, Wisconsin (Nomadic Kids Republic)
  7. piano un10 it happened by Aphex Twin on Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2 EP (Warp)
  8. The Channel Swimmer by Adam Pacione on From Stills to Motion (Infraction)
  9. Humor is a Funny Thing by Radere on I Will Love You, Always (Full Spectrum)
  10. White Birds by Jasper TX on The Black Sun Transmissions (Fang Bomb)
  11. Far From Worldy Matters by Butterfly in the Snowfall on Butterfly in the Snowfall (Home Normal)
  12. Hastings Sunrise by Loscil on Intervalo (feat. Kelly Wyse) (NA)
  13. Movement, 3 by Ryuichi Sakamoto / Illuha / Taylor Deupree on Perpetual (12k)
  14. Misty Morning by Taishi Kamiya on Spectra of Air (Home Normal)