Get to know The Go-Go's co-founder, singer-songwriter and guitarist Jane Wiedlin new project Elettrodomestico, with American-Italian multi-instrumentalist Pietro Straccia. The duo is presenting their upcoming "If You Are a Boy Or a Girl" album and West Coast tour (don't miss the Independent gig on 10/23). Enjoy!


  1. Aloha by Elettrodomestico
  2. Rabbit Stew by Elettrodomestico
  3. Stop, drop and swallow by Elettrodomestico on If You Are a Boy or a Girl (Elettrodomestico)
  4. Bliss (live at BFF.fm) by Elettrodomestico
  5. Mail Order Bride (live at BFF.fm) by Elettrodomestico
  6. Nightblind by Elettrodomestico on If you are a Boy or a Girl (Elettrodomestico)
  7. Break
  8. Editions of You by Roxy Music
  9. Caught by the Fuzz by Supergrass
  10. Golden Hands by Epiqe on Alba
  11. Unforgiven by The Go-Go's
  12. Lost at Sea by Elettrodomestico on If You Are a Boy Or A Girl
  13. The Next Night by Elettrodomestico on If You Are A Boy Or A Girl
  14. You Can't Walk in your Sleep (If you can't sleep) by The Go-Go's on The Beauty and the Beat
  15. Fading Fast by The Go-Go's