Season 4 Episode 40 is here! Enjoy the fresh music selection for today.

Episode #187


  1. On The Spot (Magic Drum Orchestra Remix) by Hot 8 Brass Band
  2. Turn It Dub by Mad Doc
  3. Do Your Thang (edit) by SoulBrigada
  4. Why Don't You Play the Organ, Man by Memphis Black
  5. It's Not What You Know (It's Who You Know) by Bob & Gene feat. The Inversions
  6. Sexual Healing (Jamaican Airlines dub) by Marvin Gaye
  7. Oscar Boot Jr. by Palov & Mishkin
  8. Amor En La Mission by Nino Msk
  9. Alcohol (V's edit) by Robert Johnson
  10. 4 More (feat. Zhane) by De La Soul
  11. Greatest Hits by The Blaxploited Orchestra
  12. Dagmar Stomp by Nino Msk
  13. Filho du Mar by Afrosideral
  14. Craque (instrumental) by Gerardo Frisina meets Toco
  15. Kenke Comer by Guts
  16. Brasiliko by Kapote
  17. La Gelato by Italic Disco
  18. Monter En Moi by Msk
  19. Ibn Hamdis by Sicilian AV Project
  20. Spies Are Watching Me by Violaaa
  21. Pusherman (The Reflex remix) by Curtis Mayfield