EP. 13: 4/20 Was Cancelled

4/20 in San Francisco was cancelled, let's talk about it. Stoner punk, weed emo, 90s trippy emo. It's lit, maaan.

New releases! Bandcamp specialssss peep Sunnnner (FKA Sad Bug from Boulder) and our homie Kevin Crouch AKA @talldrumking

Episode pic from our fav stoners, The Downsides. Peep their sesh here.

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  1. Welcome by Twin Shrieks Radio on --
  2. The Joint by Dylans on Warm Spot (Self Release)
  3. Early Morning Duties (Live At Twin Shrieks 2019) by Conserve on Live At Twin Shrieks 2019 (Twin Peaks Sessions)
  4. Smoko by The Chats on Get This In Ya !! (Hot Wax Records)
  5. April 29, 1992 (Miami) by Sublime on 20th Century Masters (Geffen)
  6. Grim Reefer by On Drugs on Stay Yuck (Postmark Records)
  7. Stoner by Turqouiz Noiz on Sweat Lodge (Related Records)
  8. Boring (Redacted) by Sunnnner on Spruce Aly (Self-Release)
  9. Fuck Metronomes by Kevin Crouch on Demon$tration (Party Cat Records)
  10. Retainer by Kevin Crouch on Demon$tration (Party Cat Records)
  11. Empathy by Pity Party on Empathy (Pity Party)
  12. THC by Melkbelly on PITH (Wax Nine/Carpark)
  13. Long Lungs by Kevin Nichols on Long Lungs (Slang Church)
  14. Carrion Crow by Kevin Nichols on Long Lungs (Slang Church)
  15. Sink/Swim by The Co Founder on Gymnasium (Slang Church)
  16. Stoned Again by King Krule on Man Alive! (True Panther)
  17. C'Mon & Smoke Me Up by Prince Daddy & The Hyena on Cosmic Thrill Seekers (Counter Intuitive Records)
  18. Blunt Force Marijuana by Niiice. on Never Better (Brace Cove Records)
  19. Best Weed on the Internet by bong mountain on Booze Your Illusion, Vol. 1 (Fond Of Life Productions)
  20. Reminiscing (Rooftops) by The Downsides on The Downsides - EP (The Downsides)
  21. Hippy Shit (Live) by Spurts on Live @ Twin Peaks Sessions (Twin Peaks Sessions)
  22. Spacegrass by Clutch on Clutch (Atlantic)
  23. Spegetti Western by Primus on Frizzle Fry (Prawn Song Records)
  24. Bong Song - From "Windowmaker!" by Butthole Surfers on Piouhgd + Windowmaker! (Latino Buggerveil)
  25. Another Morning Stoner by ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead on Source Tags & Codes (Interscope)
  26. Big Weed by Snowing on That Time I Sat in a Pile of Chocolate (Square of Oppostion)
  27. Stoned Legends of the Hidden Temple Pilots by Two Knights on Effing (Skeletal Lightning)
  28. Scottie Spliffin by Dikembe on Chicago Bowls (Death Protector)
  29. Michael Jordank by Dikembe on Chicago Bowls (Death Protector)
  30. Huggz by Brendan Kelly and the Wandering Birds on Keep Walkin' Pal (Red Scare)
  31. High in the Bath Again by Surrounder on Surrpiounder (Anarcho-Comcast Digital)
  32. After Dinner Pinner by Termination Dust on Growing Down (Glacial Pace)
  33. Dankrupt by Leftover Bowlskis on Good Trip, Bad Vibes (Leftover Bowlskis)
  34. Emotional High by Mannequin Pussy on Romantic (Tiny Engines)
  35. YIKES (daddy wants wings) by Mom Jeans. on Now That's What I Call Music Vol. 420 (Counter Intuitive Records)