EP. 17: TV Flesh

Showcased a ton of new music and the coveted SPACE ROCK genre.

Bandcamp / artist spotlight .. TV Flesh fro McAllen TX! Peep that new new!

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  1. Good Morning by The Dandy Warhols on The Best Of The Capital Years: 1995-2007 (Capital Records)
  2. Funeral Sex by tv flesh on TV Flesh (Sauce House)
  3. Shallow / Deep by tv flesh on TV Flesh (Sauce House)
  4. Hardwired by MSPAINT on MSPAINT (MSPAINT)
  6. Tithe Pig by Self Defense Family on Try Me (Deathwish Inc.)
  7. Jesus Of Nazareth by Self Defense Family on Jesus Of Nazareth (Run for Cover Records)
  8. Candy by Holy Fawn on The Black Moon (Triple Crown)
  9. Won't Back Down by THICK on 5 Years Behind (Epitaph)
  10. In the End by Shiner on Schadenfreude (Two Black Eyes)
  11. Life as a Mannequin by Shiner on Schadenfreude (Two Black Eyes)
  12. '95 Slow by Toner on Silk Road (Smoking Room)
  13. Never Nowhere by Maneka on Devin (Exploding In Sound)
  14. Whimper by Microwave on Much Love (SideOneDummy)
  15. Welcome to the Fold by Filter on Title Of Record (Craft Recordings)
  16. Mind Riot - Live At The Paramount Theatre, Seattle/1992 by Soundgarden on Chris Cornell (Deluxe Edition) (UMG)
  17. I Am the Highway by Audioslave on Audioslave (Epic, Interscope)
  18. Hummer by Smashing Pumpkins on Siamese Dream (Virgin)
  19. Bad Call by Virginity on Bad Call (Wiretap)
  20. Roots by Grumpster on Underwhelmed (Asian Man Records)
  21. Sweaty Hamm's by Niiice. on Sweaty Hamm's (Brace Cove Records)
  22. Light Blue by Angel Du$t on Pretty Buff (Roadrunner)
  23. All the Same Again by The No. 44 on Reflexive / / Repeater (The No. 44)
  24. Nu Legs by Kal Marks on Let the Shit House Burn Down (Exploding In Sound)
  25. Describe by Perfume Genius on Set My Heart On Fire Immediately (Matador)