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Recent broadcasts featuring Shiner

  • The annual Super Bowl episode of Twin Shrieks Radio is here. 11 on 11, but with 11 Philly bands taking on 11 acts from KC MO.

    Twin Shrieks Radio 120 mins

  • Sending well wishes to Casey from the band Virginity (our latest Bandcamp Friday snag and 2021 album feature!) Also we stole your self-meme off Twitter. More…

    Twin Shrieks Radio 120 mins

  • Super Bowl week special, 11 artists from Tampa FL take on 11 Kansas City bands. Will the metalcore of Tampa defeat the midwest emo heard around…

    Twin Shrieks Radio 120 mins

  • We bacc for moar, n we still spooky. Spooky Bois part two: Tuesday (Friday) the 13th. New trax from 2020 shriekers Sarchasm + Greyhound , also…

    Twin Shrieks Radio 120 mins

  • Showcased a ton of new music and the coveted SPACE ROCK genre. Bandcamp / artist spotlight .. TV Flesh fro McAllen TX! Peep that new new!

    Twin Shrieks Radio

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