EP. 46: Ugly Sweaters (Part 2)

Part 2 of the holiday songs you won't hear at the mall! End of year fundy, support BFF and this lovely show <3

New tracks from Dikembe, Growing Stone aka Skylar Sarkis (peep the TPS!), Hospital Bracelet, Teenage Halloween n moar. EOY best of show is 12/19, ugg sweaterz till den.


  1. If I'm Still Broke By Christmas by Prince Daddy & The Hyena on DPC Mixtape #1 (Dikembe Dudes)
  2. Living in the Walls by Dikembe on Muck (Skeleton Lightning)
  3. So I Shotgunned A Beer And Went To Bed by Snowing on I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted (Count Your Lucky Stars)
  4. Sober Haha Jk Unless by Hospital Bracelet (3rd Row) New
  5. Damn Long Night by Cold Wrecks on Savannah (Brighter Days)
  6. Harvard by Diet Cig on Over Easy (Father/Daughter)
  7. Cold by Toy Cars on Paint Brain (Self-Released)
  8. Avoiding Winter by An Autumn for Crippled Children on Try Not to Destroy Everything you Love (ATMF)
  9. Cute Drummer Boy by Lisa Prank & Seattle's Little Helpers on Gimme What I Want (Father/Daughter)
  10. Snowstorm by Galaxie 500 on On Fire (Rough Trade)
  11. Clarity by Teenage Halloween on Eternal Roast (Get Better Records)
  12. It's Cold Out Here by Modern Baseball on Couples Therapy (Lame-O)
  13. Cold Chillin' Cold Chillin' by Bomb The Music Industry! on Scrambles (Asian Man/Quote Unquote)
  14. Worst Year Ever by Bradley Palermo, Tim Holehouse (Self-Released)
  15. Snow Day by Shame (Dead Oceans)
  16. Frozen by Miracle Drug on Demo 2015 (No Luck)
  17. Snowing by Sprain on Sprain (Self-Released)
  18. Undone (The Sweater Song) by Weezer on Weezer (DGC)
  19. From A Motel 6 by Yo La Tengo on Painful (Matador)
  20. Eighteen Inches by The Lawrence Arms on A Guided Tour of Chicago (Asian Man)
  21. Winterlong by Pixies on Dig For Fire (4AD)
  22. My Gift to You by Korn on Follow the Leader (Epic)
  23. Love Like Winter by AFI on DECEMBERUNDERGROUND (Interscope)
  24. Snow by Stoop Kids on Change (Self-Released) Local
  25. Twin Shrieks Radio Jingle by Sore Eyes on Twin Shrieks Radio Jingle (Self-Released)
  26. Jesus Stole My Girlfriend by Violent Soho on Violent Soho (UMG)
  27. Man Plans (Now You Have Something Too) by Broken Field Runner on Lay My Head Down (Jetsam-Floatsam)
  28. Sweater by Todd Slant on Going By (Double Double Whammy)
  29. Party City by Growing Stone on I Had Everybody Snowed (Head2Wall)
  30. Warmth of You by Planning for Burial on Below The House (The Flenser)
  31. The Cold Part by Modest Mouse on The Moon & Antarctica (Sony)
  32. Sad Planet by Happy Diving on Big World (Father/Daughter)
  33. Mikey's Rules by Happy Diving on Big World (Father/Daughter Records)
  34. Oopdie Oop by Maneka on Devin (Exploding In Sound)