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Twin Shrieks Radio first played Twin Shrieks Radio Jingle at 11:22am on Tuesday 29th Sep, 2020.


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  • The finale of October's Spooky Bois playlist. It's Halloween week! We are still partying and still doomy and gloomy. This episode brings you to a Halloween…

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  • We unveil the coveted Spooky Bois playlist o0o0o0o hello October. Doom and gloom all day errday. Pictured, me, @scrawnzz, as Patrick Bateman. We also guest star…

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  • We rejoice in the announcement of Twin Shrieks fest 2021, sponsored by BFF.FM! October 8-9 in San Francisco -- deetz below: Friday 10/8: Come gather in…

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  • Discovered the band Inclination and named this episode after one of their tracks, fitting for the world today I suppose. New tracks (yeah, 2021 NEW) from…

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  • Hello June gloom. Grunge gloom, sad pop-punk, shoegaze, sad shiz. Twin Peaks Session feature: Sour Widows New songs from Broken Field Runner, Fiddlehead, Soccer Mommy, Downhaul…

    Twin Shrieks Radio 120 mins

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