EP. 51: Culture of Corruption

Discovered the band Inclination and named this episode after one of their tracks, fitting for the world today I suppose.

New tracks (yeah, 2021 NEW) from Viagra Boys (show photo by GQ), Nick Lutsko, Brain Cave, Thank You, shame n moar.


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  1. Culture of Corruption by Inclination on Midwest Straight Edge (Pure Noise)
  2. Contaminature by State Faults on Clairvoyant (No Sleep)
  3. Crisis Actor by Heart Attack Man on Fake Blood (Triple Crown)
  4. Girls & Boys - Live by Viagra Boys on Shrimp Sessions 2 (Year0001) New
  5. Felon by Slumped on SLUMPED (Self-Released)
  6. Your Boy by Danger Inc. on Friendsplit (Asian Man)
  7. Nigel Hitter by Shame on Drunk Tank Pink (Dead Oceans) New
  8. Who Made the Man? by Uranium Club on all of them naturals (static shock)
  9. Featured Supervillain Theme by Madvillain, Madlib, MF DOOM on Madvillainy (Stones Throw)
  10. Charnsuka by MF Doom on Metal Fingers Presents: Special Herbs, Vol. 1 & 2 (Metalface / Nature Sounds)
  11. Refuse To Lose by Cold World on No Omega (Six Feet Under)
  12. Mork n Mindy (ft. Billy Nomates) by Sleaford Mods on Spare Ribs (Rough Trade)
  13. Shortcummings by Sleaford Mods on Spare Ribs (Rough Trade) New
  14. Don't Cling To Life by The Murder Capital on When I Have Fears (Human Season)
  15. More is Less by The Murder Capital on When I Have Fears (Human Season)
  16. On Twisted Ground (Live from London: The Dome, Tufnell Park) by The Murder Capital on Love, Love, Love / On Twisted Ground - Live from London (Human Seasons)
  17. Televised Mind by Fontaines DC on A Hero's Death (Partisan)
  18. Hey Man Nice Shot by Filter on Short Bus (Craft)
  19. Bright Yellow Gun by Throwing Muses on University (4AD)
  20. Fuckin' Up by Neil Young & Crazy Horse on Ragged Glory (Reprise)
  21. Blow Up the Outside World by Soundgarden on Down On The Upside (UMG)
  22. My Wall by Ten Foot Pole on Rev (Epitaph)
  23. Sucks to Be Me - Audiotree Live Version by Taking Meds on Taking Meds on Audiotree Live (Audiotree) New
  24. This System Is a Bunch of Baloney by Kid, Feral on Live and Let's Die! (Dog Knights)
  25. I Am a Cowboy by Kid, Feral on Meditations in Affinity (Confluence) (Zegema Beach)
  26. Consider This by Gouge Away (Deathwish)
  27. Hypnagogia by Death Valley Girls on Under The Spell Of Joy (Suicide Squeeze)
  28. Lost Virtue by Respire on Black Line (Church Road)
  29. Twin Shrieks Radio Jingle by Sore Eyes on Twin Shrieks Radio Jingle (Self-Released)
  30. 1049 Gotho by IDLES on Brutalism (Partisan)
  31. Never Clean My Room by Swain on The Long Dark Blue (End Hits)
  32. Trump's Ass by Nick Lutsko on Songs on the Computer (Self-Released) New
  33. Give Me a Show on Nick Jr by Nick Lutsko on Songs on the Computer (Self-Released) New
  34. Reccuring Patterns by Brain Cave (Tiny God) New
  35. Out of Nowhere by Thank You Thank You on Next to Nothing (Self-Released) New