Synthetic Sounds Episode 3

More delving into the mp3 crates using Dream Logic. This episode varies from dub to techno to generative to ambient to beyond.


  1. DiscoHop 1 by DJ_Iterate on Disco Hop (self-released)
  2. Visitors by Basicnoise on Knolios Dub Techno Mix 8 (Folksodomy)
  3. Bird In AM Traffic by Mystified on Fragment Compress (Treetrunk)
  4. Outro by Deep Dubing on Deep Step (Deep-X Recordings)
  5. DarkLatinDAT 5 by DJ Frankenstone on Dark Latin DAT (Treetrunk)
  6. nebula by cloudcycle on cloud.1 (Disposable Audio)
  7. Transito 4 by Therap on Transito (Monofonicos)
  8. Endless Strapsenhalter by Kaz on Zerinnerung Mix 026 (Zerinnerung)
  9. The Eternal Torment Of Prometheus (edit) by Scott Lawlor And Mister Vapor on The Eternal Torment Of Prometheus (Treetrunk)
  10. Track20210109085456986605.28 by Thomas Park on Spin Yah (Treetrunk)
  11. Take 2 by Droids on Logan Square Music Festival (Treetrunk)
  12. Visions (feat. Bonza) by King Shi on Red (Dusted Wax Kingdom)