Synthetic Sounds Episode 1

This is the debut episode of "Synthetic Sounds". In this episode, we use our "Dream Logic" Python code to traverse a broad list of possible tracks, pulling various electronic works, many which have a dub quality.


  1. Keel by Patten on #6 the principle of cause and effect (Zimmer)
  2. Interlude by Mystified on Sovereign (Treetrunk)
  3. Chimera by Mystified on Still Dreaming (Treetrunk)
  4. Mist On Mt. Tam by Chris Coffey on Alkalinear V-A 2010 (Alkalinear Recordings)
  5. So Far by Anitek on Luna (Dusted Wax Kingdom)
  6. Grey Days Orange Skies by bleupulp on Grey Days Orange Skies (Bleepsequence)
  7. Disco Hop 6 by DJ_Iterate on DiscoHop (Self-Released)
  8. X 09 by Dolby on Dub Expo EP (Thinner)
  9. Bajando Palmas by Sir Leaks on Movimiento De Aire (Monofonicos)
  10. Ceres by Hecrom on Sirius (ZImmer)