Episode 150 - Hope and Hurt

On the one hand we have within our grasp the means to end this pandemic. If everyone commits to vaccination and following CDC guidelines. We are within reach of crushing COVID.

On the other hand we still see rampant racism and hate crimes through the lens of the Atlanta mass murders of mainly women of Asian heritage.

This is the dichotomy of America. We must do better. We must.

Info and rock coming your way!



  1. Turn Up The Radio by Autograph on Sign In Please (RCA)
  2. Pigs In Zen by Jane's Addiction on Nothing's Shocking (Warner)
  3. If Not Now, Then When? by King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard on L.W. (KGLW) New
  4. Journey to the Center of the Mind by The Ramones on Acid Eaters (Radioactive)
  5. Tell That Girl to Shut up by Transvision Vamp on Pop Art (MCA)
  6. Casualty Vampires by Circle Jerks on IV (Relativity)
  7. Desert Storm Surf by DeeCRACKS on Serious Issues (Pirate Press) New
  8. Blackstar by David Bowie on Blackstar (ISO Records)
  9. Dirt Eaters by The Breeders on Bills & Aches & Blues (4AD) New
  10. What Ever Happened to Billy Boy? by The Purrs on Destroy the Sun (Swoon) New
  11. Physical (You're So) by Nine Inch Nails on Broken (Interscope)