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  • On the one hand we have within our grasp the means to end this pandemic. If everyone commits to vaccination and following CDC guidelines. We are…

    Wake The F Up! 60 mins

  • Everyone here at the mighty hopes you and yours are safe and staying put in this extreme stay home challenge. Every day away from friends…

    Wake The F Up!

  • The Mueller Report. Release it. Make it public. Let the entire world know how much of a criminal is the fake President. We Resist We Rock…

    Wake The F Up!

  • 2018. A new year. A wave of progressivism heading down the pike into November. We here at WTHU! certainly will keep you moving, rocking and resisting…

    Wake The F Up!

  • We walk, arm in arm, babies. Another day, another week closer to victory. Never in the history of this republic, this amazing place of hope and…

    Wake The F Up!

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