EP. 63: Play ball! 2021

Baseball szn 2021 is here! Let's celebrate America's pastime w/ emo and punk songs that speak all things PLAY BALL.

Photo highlight, my excessively expensive vintage Yo La Tengo tee. Did you know Yo La Tengo's name comes from an epic 1960s New York Mets anecdote? Listen for full story.

New trax from Diners, Whiner, Raw Plastic and Snowhore.

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  1. Swing, Swing by The All-American Rejects on The All-American Rejects (Doghouse)
  2. Sports by Viagra Boys on Street Worms (Year0001)
  3. Came Out Swinging by The Wonder Years on Suburbia I've Given You All and Now I'm Nothing (Hopeless)
  4. There's Nothing I Love More Than Baseball by You Blew It! on Grow Up, Dude (Topshelf)
  5. Every Famous Last Word by Miracle of 86 on Every Famous Last Word (Fadeaway)
  6. Ballgame by Kevin Devine on Make the Clocks Move (Triple Crown)
  7. Home Run by toast (Guerrilla)
  8. Saturday by Remember Sports on All of Something (Father/Daughter)
  9. Team Spirit by Doe on Grow Into It (Topshelf)
  10. Southpaw by Rainer Maria on Catastrophe Keeps Us Together (Polyvinyl)
  11. Back Bench by Gladie on Everyone Is Talking But You (Self-Released)
  12. Vibrant by No Hitter (NH INC.)
  13. Baseball by Gulfer on Dog Bless (Topshelf)
  14. Car Parks and Recreation by Raw Plastic on Waiting Til Summer (New Morality Zine) New
  15. Heart Rush by Raw Plastic on Waiting Til Summer (New Morality Zine) New
  16. Baseball Bat by Whiner on Peace Out Cruel World (nothing for ages) New
  17. Take Me Out to the Ball Game by Melvins on Basses Loaded (Ipecac)
  18. Baseball, But Better by Say Anything on All My Friends Are Enemies: Early Rarities (Equal Vision)
  19. Mo Vaughn (He Was A Baseball-Man) by sports. on We'll Get It Eventually (Broken Rim)
  20. Field of Dreams by Snowhore on Everything Tastes Bad (Snowhore) New
  21. Little League by Cap'n Jazz on Analphabetapolothology (Jade Tree)
  22. Giants by Sponge on Rotting Piñata (Sony)
  23. Ty Cobb by Soundgarden on Down On The Upside (UMG)
  24. Cubs in Five by The Mountain Goats on Nine Black Poppies (Emperor Jones)
  25. Featured Swing for Life by Yo La Tengo on May I Sing With Me (Alias)
  26. Glory Days by Bruce Springsteen on Born U.S.A (Bruce Springsteen)
  27. Swingin Party (2008 Remaster) by The Replacements on Tim (Sire)
  28. Gameball by Rozwell Kid on Precious Art (SideOneDummy)
  29. Live Fast, Cy Young by Barely March on Marely Barch (Halloween)
  30. Pete Rose and Babe Ruth by Have Mercy on A Place of Our Own (Hopeless)
  31. Twilight Baseball Scene by Magazine Beach on Friendless Summer (Chillwavve) New
  32. Race to the Bottom by Bad Sports on Bras (Dirtnap)
  33. Who Scored by Toys That Kill on Fambly 42 (Recess)
  34. Twin Shrieks Radio Jingle by Sore Eyes on Twin Shrieks Radio Jingle (Self-Released)
  35. Cup of Coffee by Diners (LAUREN) New
  36. No Hitter by Petite League on No Hitter (Scarier Dome)
  37. Re-Done by Modern Baseball on Sports (Lame-O)
  38. Fantasy Baseball at the End of the World by John K. Samson (Anti-)
  39. The Times Tower Belongs to the Dead by Tigers Jaw on Belongs to the Dead (Run for Cover)