Episode 23 - Dreams about Nick Cave, darkness, and waitressing.

Alphaville, Bjork and Adult help listeners better connect to their dreams.


  1. Magnifique by Ratatat on Magnifique (XL)
  2. Living in Oblivion by Anything Box on Peace (Epic)
  3. Love Will Tear Us Apart by The Cure (self released)
  4. Poison Arrow by ABC on The Lexicon of Love (Mercury)
  5. F.K.O. by Subtle on A New White (Lex Records)
  6. Big In Japan by Alphaville on Forever Young
  7. Lost in Space by Aimee Mann on Lost in Space (Super Ego Records)
  8. Aly, Walk With Me by The Ravonettes on Lust, Lust, Lust (VICE)
  9. Unravel by Bjork on Homogenic (Elektra)
  10. Disco Friends by Just Jack on Overtones (TVT)
  11. Hand to Phone by Adult. on Resuscitation (Ersatz)
  12. Forget It by Blood Orange on Coastal Grooves (Domino Recording)
  13. Pull Shapes by The Pipettes on we are the pipettes (memphis industries)
  14. I've Got Your Number by Passion Pit on Chunk of Change (French Kiss)