Phantom Power

DJ, Dream Interpreter, Dance Machinist


12 years of DJ experience. Lots of house parties, lots of art galleries, lots of weddings. Once I DJ'd for 300 robots. 

Ohio -> Chicago -> Brooklyn -> Chicago -> LA

Taurus, Virgo Rising
Enneagram 8 
Will definitely come to your party.
Inspired by music, the absurd, and light.
Very busy. Likes to dance. 


Recent Shows

Information Society, Brenton Wood and The Knife help listeners make sense of their dreams about juggling too many things.

The Dream Disco S1 E5 60 mins

Pulp, Book of Love and Desire help dreamers come to terms with their feelings of loss.

The Dream Disco S1 E4 60 mins

Saint Etienne, Grandmaster Flash and The KLF help listeners deal with their dreams about having lost control. 

The Dream Disco S1 E3 60 mins

Sheena Easton, Talking Heads and Angel Olsen help listeners make sense of their dreams of searching for something.

The Dream Disco S1 E2 60 mins