EP. 76: Dive Into My Sun (Live!)

In the sun I feel as one. Summer trax all show long, with new new from Sarchasm, Bottle Adventure / Bedlocked (incredible split!), Chaser n moar.


  1. July 4 by Desert Museum on Familiar Gaze (Self-Released) New
  2. Beach Front Property - Lo-Fi by Spanish Love Songs, Less Gravity (Pure Noise)
  3. Your Name by Bottle Adventure, Bedlocked on BL+BA (Self-Released) New
  4. Jesse by Bottle Adventure, Bedlocked on BL+BA (Self-Released)
  5. The National Anthem by Radiohead on Kid A (Parlophone)
  6. The Anthem by Good Charlotte on The Young and the Hopeless (Epic/Sony Records)
  7. Lake of Fire by Meat Puppets on Meat Puppets II (Self-Released)
  8. 4th of July, Philadelphia (SANDY) by Cymbals Eat Guitars on Pretty Years (Sinderlyn)
  9. Pledge of Allegiance by Electric Chair on Social Capital (Iron Lung) New
  10. Numb America by Chaser on Numb America (Felony)
  11. See You at the Show by Chaser on Dreamers (Self-Released) New
  12. Freer by Kali Masi (Take This To Heart)
  13. Left / Felt, Pt. 2 by Peaer on The Hands and Feet Turn Blue (Citrus City)
  14. Arms Across America by Tigers Jaw on Tigers Jaw (Run For Cover)
  15. The Sun by Tigers Jaw on Tigers Jaw (Run For Cover)
  16. Dive Into My Sun by Citizen on Everybody Is Going To Heaven (Run For Cover)
  17. Fading by Basement on I WIsh I Could Stay Here (Run For Cover)
  18. Disregard by Indecision on Unorthodox (Self-Released)
  19. Summer Squatter Go Home by Anti-Flag on Die For the Goverment (New Red Archives)
  20. An Idea for a Movie by The Vandals on Hitler Bad, Vandals Good (Nitro)
  21. Hot Dog In A Hallway by NOFX on Heavy Petting Zoo (Epitaph)
  22. Journey to the End of the East Bay by Rancid on ...And Out Come the Wolves (Epitaph)
  23. As Wicked by Danger Inc. on ...and out come the Lawsuits (Lavasocks) New Local
  24. Avenues & Alleyways by Adult School on ...and out come the Lawsuits (Lavasocks) New Local
  25. Please Hold by Sarchasm on Sarchasm (Asian Man) Local
  26. Those Anarcho Punks are Mysterious by Against Me! on Reinventing Axl Rose (Fat Wrech Chords)
  27. Ca In July by The Bombpops on Fear of Missing Out (Fat Wreck Chords)
  28. Incidental Boogie by U.S. Girls on In a Poem Unlimited (4AD)
  29. STFU! by Rina Sawayama on SAWAYAMA (Dirty Hit)
  30. Post-American by MSPAINT on MSPAINT (Self-Released)
  31. Flush by MSPAINT on MSPAINT (Self-Released)
  32. A Formal Introduction by Infirmary on Augmentation of Life (Made in the Shed) Local
  33. Waves by Hum on Inlet (Earth Analog)
  34. July the Fourth by Nothing on Split (Run for Cover)
  35. USA by Jeff Rosenstock on POST- (Polyvinyl)