Sounds In The Dark - 8.4.21

Tonight's edition features new music from Grouper, Sarah Davachi, K. Leimer and recurring spins of album-of-the-year favorites from Hollie Kenniff, The House In The Woods, plus lots more!


  1. Border of Mind by Sarah Davachi on Antiphonals (Late Music)

    New New record is out Sept. 10th!

  2. Quell by Hollie Kenniff on The Quiet Drift (Western Vinyl)

    New Second track on Kenniff's splendid new record.

  3. Information Dust by The House In The Woods on The Spectral Corridor (Ecstatic Recordings)

    New Can't get enough of this record - third week I've played a selection.

  4. Ring The Bell by Hainbach on Light Splitting (Seil Records)
  5. Entferntemusik II (Distant Music II) by K. Leimer on Mitteltoner72 (Palace of Lights)

    New Leimer's tribute to German 'Kosmiche' music - what a cool record!

  6. Unclean Mind by Grouper on Shade (Kranky)

    New Looking forward to Grouper's first record in three years. Releases October 22nd.

  7. Wing by Pan-American on Quiet City (Kranky)

    Much older than the new Grouper record - a classic from 2004.

  8. A Lake by Emily A. Sprague on Water Memory (Emily A. Sprague)
  9. Through City Light by Jon Jenkins on Beyond City Light (Brain Laughter, Inc.)
  10. Black White Felt by Roedelius + Kasar on Einfluss (Deutche Grammaphon)
  11. This Beautiful Mess by Nonkeen on The Gamble (Leiter Verlag GmbH)
  12. Sublime Creation (Original Mix) by Global Communication on Transmissions Sampler (Evolution)
  13. Possible Futures by Paradise Cinema on Paradise Cinema (Gondwana Records)
  14. Angel's Flight by Biosphere on Angel's Flight (AD 93)

    Came out January of this year - originally written for a dance production and is based on Beethoven's String Quartet No. 14.

  15. The Back Side of the Moon by The Orb on Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld (UMG Recordings)