Sounds In The Dark - 10.6.21

Tonight's edition features some great late-evening sounds from F.S. Blumm + Nils Frahm, Caterina Barbieri, Emily A. Sprague, Penelope Trappes, Marconi Union and lots more!


  1. Blowback by Marconi Union on Blowback (Just Music)

    New Signals (full length album) comes out on November 5th.

  2. Mirror by Emily A. Sprague on Hill, Flower, Fog (RVNG Intl.)

    A great 2020 record for Sprague. One of my favorites aside from Water Memories.

  3. Song of the Firefly Harmonium by Mark Isham on Song of the Firefly Harmonium (myndstream)

    New I don't generally play soundtrack music but don't mind playing music by individuals who regularly compose for film and TV. Mark Isham has a decades-long resume. I suppose I should go back and watch Point Break to see how he (and Keanu Reeves for that matter) have evolved since.

  4. Some Smoke by Robin Guthrie + Harold Budd on Another Flower (Darla)

    Beautiful release all round from Guthrie (Cocteau Twins) and Budd. Harold Budd passed last year from COVID-19 and left us a lifetime of outstanding music.

  5. Offering - Valgeir Sigurdsson by Lyra Pramuk on Delta (Bedroom Community)

    New A cool re-working of Pramuk's prior record 'Fountain' which was recorded entirely with her voice.

  6. Chapter 1 by Moritz von Oswald Trio on Dissent (Modern Recordings)

    New Came out in August, a sweet record featuring Laurel Halo (Laurel Anne Chartow) and drummer Heinrich Köbberling.

  7. Jupiter Melody by Jens Buchert on Jupiter Melodies (jebu records)

    New This cool little spacey EP came out on Sept. 10th

  8. Jeanette by Kelly Lee Owens on Inner Song (Smalltown Supersound)

    Owens' 2020 record - love this one.

  9. Refraction pt. 4 by Loscil on Lux: Refractions (Scott Morgan)

    New A companion piece to Clara (May 2021 release) accompanied by a cool 36-page photo book, available on Bandcamp.

  10. All Things Burn by Amon Tobin on How Do You Live (Nomark)

    New Released on Sept. 24th.

  11. Sarah & Eve by F.S. Blumm & Nils Frahm on 2X1=4 (LEITER)

    New The duo's fourth record together, and debut release on Frahm's new record label.

  12. Ever So Slow, But Still In Motion (The Art Of Zen) by Jakob Davidsen, Thomas Strønen, Jesper Egelund on Silence Trio 3 (ILK Music)
  13. Nervous by Penelope Trappes on Penelope Three (Houndstooth)

    New Released on May 28th, this gorgeous record constitutes the third release in Trappes' most recent music cycle (as one may anticipate from the title).

  14. Sky With Endless Stars by Oliver Coates on John Luther Adams: Canticles of the Sky/ Three High Places (RVNG Intl.)
  15. Knot of Spirit by Caterina Barbieri & Lyra Pramuk on Knot of Spirit (light-years)

    New Super-interesting collab between these two. More on the way?

  16. Solaris by Penguin Cafe on The Red Book (Editions Penguin Cafe)
  17. The Hidden Camera (Excerpt) by Photek on Modus Operandi (Virgin)