EP. 88: Fest 19 Gainesville Florida hype

It's Fest weekend in Gainesville Florida! Hyping up some acts I am stoked to see at the yearly DIY punk rock happenings in a great hidden mecca within Florida.

New music from Jose Prieto (MakeWar) -- peep his twin peaks sesh!

We also play live tracks from awakebutstillinbed's Twin Shrieks 2021 set! Recorded by the Complex SF. absib (pictured) will also be attending Fest in Fl!

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  1. Daylily Gardener by Taking Meds on Terrible News From Wonderful Men (Smartpunk) New
  2. Red by Jose Prieto on Yes Way Jose (Fat Wrech Chords) New
  3. Sails by MakeWar on Get it Together (Fat Wreck Chords)
  4. Phantom Limb by Spanish Love Songs (Pure Noise) New
  5. On My Side by Spanish Love Songs on Giant Sings the Blues (Extended) (Wiretap)
  6. oh This Sin of Mine (feat. Mel Marquis) by Danny Attack on Ghost (JBx Media) New
  7. 2nd Wind by Bradley Palermo on Bradley Palermo at Twin Peaks Sessions (Twin Peaks Sessions)
  8. I'm Gunna Be (500 Miles) by Bradley Palermo on (Nearly) One Hit Wonders Comp (Self-Released)
  9. Dr. Abernathy by Late Bloomer on Things Change (Self Aware)
  10. All The Gold by Late Bloomer (6131)
  11. Cities Under Water by Short Fictions on Fates Worse Than Death (Self-Released)
  12. Curly Q by Prince Daddy & The Hyena (Pure Noise) New
  13. Neutrogena Spektor by Origami Angel on GAMI GANG (Counter Intuitive) New
  14. beyond chunderdome by off day on pee naked (Self-Released)
  15. Casey Crawford (Virginity) on Behind the Vinyl by Behind the Vinyl Podcast (Self-Released)
  16. good for you (better version) by Eve 6, Virginity (Velocity) New
  17. Casey Crawford (Virginity) on Behind the Vinyl by Behind the Vinyl Podcast (Self-Released)
  18. Saturday Night by Eve 6 on Eve 6 (BMG)
  19. Steps by Good Riddance on A Comprehensive Guide To Moderne Rebellion (Fat Wreck Chords)
  20. Audio Illusions by Radon on 28 (No Idea)
  21. Manufactured To Comply (Live at WFMU 91.1; E. Orange, NJ - 08/08/1996 by Pohgoh on In Memory Of Bab (20th Anniversary Edition) (Self-Released)
  22. Rooftops by Hot Water Music on No Division (Expanded Edition) (Rise)
  23. Negative Blood (Lo-Fi) by Dollar Signs, MIK (Pure Noise) New
  24. 1994 by Superbloom on Pollen (Self-Released) New
  25. Full Circle by Broken Record on I Died Laughing (Self-Released)
  26. Brain Cell by Florida Man on Tropical Depression (Spartan)
  27. Killing Me by PEARS on PEARS (Fat Wreck Chords)
  28. Treat Me Like A Christmas Tree by Bandaid Brigade on I'm Separate (Self-Released)
  29. A Year In-Between by Warren Franklin (Count Your Lucky Stars) New
  30. All Got Sick by Dikembe on Muck (Skeleton Lightning)
  31. Leveled Again by Dikembe on Muck (Skeleton Lightning)
  32. Featured Live at Twin Shrieks 2021! by awakebutstillinbed on Live at Twin Shrieks 2021 (Twin Peaks Sessions) New Local
  33. Fest 17 by Virginity on Death to the Party (Wiretap)