303 (100% vinyl)

Setting the vibes with some cinematic sounds, then a few edits and some middle-eastern oud-driven melodies right before the power went out (and we weren’t even at the end of the first hour, ouch!) for an outage that affected few blocks of the neighborhood. Enjoy -if you can- episode #303


  1. Nago (Trüby Trio mix) by Luis Bacalov on Easy Tempo Experience (Right Tempo)
  2. Metti Una Sera A Cena (Jazz Brothers Mix) by Florinda Bolkam on Easy Tempo Experience (Right Tempo)
  3. In The Lyte by Delfonic & Kapote on Illegal Jazz Vol 1 (Self-Released)
  4. Hypnotizing A Kookaburra" (Mood mix) by Marma Boog on Hypnotizing A Kookaburra (Orange Tree Edits) New
  5. Feel The Beat by Nocturne Edits on Nocturne Edits 03 (Self-Released)
  6. Jungle People (Lee Douglas Edit) by Soulful Dynamics (My Rules)
  7. Breezin by Boris Gardner Happening Band on Beach Diggin' Vol 4 (Heavenly Sweetness)
  8. Machozi ya Huba by Siti Muharam on Siti of Unguja (On The Corner)
  9. The Astounding Eyes Of Rita by Anouar Brahem on The Astounding Eyes Of Rita (ECM)