Episode 189 - Devastation

Roe is over. The courts are coming for gay marriage. Disabled rights. Privacy in the home. We must stand and fight this sickness and these injustices.

This is far from over. Far from over.

In your ear holes at 7.



  1. Kool Thing by Sonic Youth on Goo (DGC)
  2. Last by Nine Inch Nails on Broken (Interscope)
  3. Blacklight Shine by The Mars Volta (Clouds Hill) New
  4. The Holiday Song by Pixies on Come on Pilgrim (4AD)
  5. Violet by Hole on Live Through This (DGC)
  6. 3/4” Drill Bit by Killdozer on Little Baby Buntin’ (Touch and Go)
  7. L Dopa by Big Black on Songs About Fucking (Touch and Go)
  8. New Minds by Swans on Children of God (Young God)
  9. Roadkill by Starcrawler on Roadkill (Machine Label Group)
  10. Loser by Thick on Happy Now (Epitaph) New
  11. Stigmata by Ministry on Land of Rape and Honey (Warner)
  12. Happy When it Rains by The Jesus and Mary Chain on Darklands (4AD)
  13. Before They Make Me Run by The Rolling Stones on Some Girls (Atlantic)