Episode 190 - A Balance of Hope

Oh man, the world can be a bummer. Thinking about the Russian War in Ukraine, The American Taliban’s continued coup of our republic, an erosion of our liberties can all be draining. Exhausting even.

So what do we have to be thankful for or celebrate this Fourth of July?

A lot. More so if we have to think about it. We must keep a balance of hope. Too much hope can be toxic and blinding. No hope is fatal.

Be open eyed to the possibilities and the problems. Together we can make our nation and our world better.



  1. I Like Drugs by The Simpletons on I Have a Date (Posh Boy)
  2. Hello America by Def Leppard on On Through The Night (Mercury)
  3. Killing in the Name by Rage Against the Machine on Rage Against the Machine (Epic)
  4. Kick Me by Danny Elfman, Iggy Pop on Bigger. Messier (Anti) New
  5. How Do You Know? by Lyres on Lyres, Lyres (Distrolux)
  6. Antisocial by Anthrax on State of Euphoria (BMG)
  7. Pray For Death by Body Count on Manslaughter (Sumerian)
  8. Lizard on the Red Brick Wall by Guided by Voices on Tremblers and Goggles by Rank (Guided by Voices) New
  9. Welcome to the End of the World by The Dead Milkmen on Welcome to the End of the World (The Giving Groove)
  10. Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys on Smiley Smile (Capitol)
  11. Ain’t Got No Sense by Teenage Head on Teenage Head (Warner)
  12. Did it Again by Pony (Take This to Heart) New
  13. Cat People (Putting Out Fire) by David Bowie on Let's Dance (EMI)
  14. Judy Is a Punk by The Ramones on Ramones (Sire)