Sounds In The Dark - 7.6.22

Tonight's edition is a mix of new and classic tunes from The Black Dog, William Basinski, Balmorhea, Tape, Ishq, Kyle Bobby Dunn, Fridge, Directions and plenty more. Includes a beautiful 2021 long-form piece from Marcus Fischer as well.


  1. Badeep by GoGo Penguin on Between Two Waves (XXIM Records) New
  2. Solanales by Balmohrea on Solanales (Deutsche Grammophon)
  3. Five Four Child Voice by Fridge on Happiness (Text Records)
  4. Track 6 by Directions on Directions In Music (Thrill Jockey)
  5. Craps by Tape on Casino (Hapna)
  6. The Starting Errors by K. Leimer on The Starting Errors (Palace of Lights) New
  7. 180301 by Marcus Fischer on 180301 (Marcus Fischer)
  8. Bhakti by Ishq on Orchid (Interchill)
  9. Variations on a Theme by St-Dipshit by Kyle Bobby Dunn on Kyle Bobby Dunn and the Infinite Sadness (Students of Decay)
  10. Tobiume by Susumu Yokota on Sakura (The Leaf Label)
  11. Entropist by Heinbach on Core Memory (Seil Records) New
  12. 610 Shuffle by The Black Dog on Dubs: Vol 4 (Dust Science)
  13. dlp 1.3 by William Basinski on The Disintegration Loops (Temporary Residence Ltd)