Sounds In The Dark - 8.3.22

Tonight's edition features new music from Rival Consoles, Christopher Willits, Matthew Halsall, Emeka Ogboh, Sam Prekop + John McEntire, and lots more!


  1. Now Is by Rival Consoles on Now Is (Erased Tapes)

    New Preview of Ryan Lee West's newest record to be released on October 14th.

  2. Flicker by Sunda Arc on Flicker (Gondwana Records)

    Lovely EP from the Smart Brothers (who are also the brains behind Mammal Hands). The tune has a Ben Lukas Boysen quality to it with the piano/synth combo.

  3. Crescent by Christopher Willits on Crescent (Ghostly International)

    New Willits' newest record Gravity drops on September 9th, 2022. You see what I did there.

  4. Sumimasen by Robohands on Violet (King Underground / Fat Beats) New
  5. Lens by Tor on Oasis Sky (Eluthera Music)
  6. Spiral by Haruhisa Tanaka (PURRE GOOHN) New
  7. The Rhythm of Desire by Lightbath on Selected Public Works vol. 5 (Lightbath)
  8. Ascending By Night by Sam Prekop + John McEntire on Sons Of (Thrill Jockey) New
  9. Oju 2.0 by Emeka Ogboh on 3o22'0.66"E (Danfotronics) New
  10. Tesseract II by Purl + Daniel[i] on Tesseract (Pyramid Blood) New
  11. Sandstone by Nathan Fake on Sandstone (Cambria Instruments)
  12. Total falsch by Bohren & Der Club Of Gore on Patchouli Blue ([PIAS] Recordings Germany) New
  13. The Temple Within by Matthew Halsall on The Temple Within (Gondwana Records)

    New From an upcoming 4-track EP of the same name, releases August 26, 2022

  14. Weissensee (Fink Version) by Fink, Neu! on Weissensee (Fink Version) (Groenland Recordings) New
  15. Humanity by Ian Hawgood + Wil Bolton on Transparencies (Home Normal)
  16. Stiltetonen by Machinefabriek on Halfslaap II (White Paddy Mountain)