EP. 125: Sound and Fury '22 Recap

A week removed from Sound and Fury 2022 in downtown LA! Recapping favorite sets, and new trax within hardcore punk / grungy rev as heard in the dusty pit.

90s medley and last half hour of the show focuses on summer rawk jams.

Picture of Drug Church at S&F22 from Jamie M. Moore (@jmmoorephoto)

Twin Peaks Sessions highlight: The Downsides


  1. Intro / Army of One - Live on Axe to Grind by Drain on Live on Axe to Grind (Axe to Grind)
  2. Stuck In A Loop by Soul Blind (Other People) New
  3. Life in Decline by Militarie Gun on My Life Is Over (Self-Released)
  4. Ten Digits Away by Koyo on Single (Pure Noise) New
  5. World Impact by Drug Church on Hygiene (Pure Noise) New
  6. Premium Offer by Drug Church on Hygiene (Pure Noise) New
  7. Headstone by Angel Du$t on Rock the Fuck On Forever (Pop Wig)
  8. Life Unknown by Praise on All In A Dream (Revelation) New
  9. Keep Hanging On by Praise on All In A Dream (Revelation) New
  10. Get My Mind Right by Fiddlehead on Between the Richness (Run for Cover)
  11. AFRAID OF EVERYTHING by SPY on Habitual Offender (To Live A Lie) Local
  12. OBTAINED UNDER DURESS by SPY on Habitual Offender (To Live A Lie) Local
  13. EXCEPTIONAL AMERICAN by SPY on Habitual Offender (To Live A Lie) Local
  14. Sick of Being Sober by Gatecreeper on An Unexpected Reality (Closed Casket Activities)
  15. Taught to Steal by Regional Justice Center on Crime and Punishment (Closed Casket Activities)
  16. Survival Is Vengeance by Mindforce (Triple B) New
  17. The Valley Beyond (818) by God's Hate on God's Hate (Closed Casket Activities)
  18. Pringle Street by One Step Closer on This Place You Know (Run For Cover)
  19. Drown Me Out by Pity Sex on Feast of Love (Run for Cover)
  20. Dogwalk by Pity Sex on Dark World (Run For Cover)
  21. Pain Into Power by Terror on Pain Into Power (Pure Noise) New
  22. Sin in My Heart by Gulch on Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress (Closed Casket Activities) Local
  23. Monkey Gone To Heaven by Gulch on Single (Self-Released) New Local
  24. Saints by The Breeders on Last Splash (4AD)
  25. Summer Babe (Winter Version) by Pavement on Slanted & Enchanted (Matador)
  26. Summer by Modest Mouse on The Fruit That Ate Itslef (Glacial Pace)
  27. Dizz Knee Land by Dada on Puzzle (Capitol)
  28. August by Avail on Over The James (Epitaph)
  29. Metamorphosis by INTERWORLD on Single (Self-Released)
  30. Someone Get The Grill Out Of The Rain by MJ Lenderman on Ghost Of Your Guitar Solo (Dear Life)
  31. Hella Kopter by Kevin Crouch on Demon$tration (Party Cat) Local
  32. Finite Days by Couplet on Ep1 (Storm Chasers Limited) New
  33. California by Petey on Lean Into Life (Terrible)
  34. Lean Into Life by Petey on Lean Into Life (Terrible)
  35. Beauty School by Deftones on Diamond Eyes (Reprise)