EP. 152: Love Will (Once Again) Tear Us Apart

Another Valentines Day Tuesday at Twin Shrieks Radio. Cue that damn Joy Division song again.

New heartbreakers from Greet Death, Bandaid Brigade, Narrow Head, Yo La Tengo, Unwed Sailor, Bedridden & more.

Gig alerts below...

Thurs 2/23 Benders SF FREE TPSxBFFxNOISE POP HH 5

Sun 2.26 STAY GOLD DELI OAKLAND w/ Damper, Anxious Arms, Roman Lions


  1. I Hate Everything by Greet Death on New Low (Deathwish) New
  2. New Low by Greet Death on New Low (Deathwish) New
  3. Breakup Song by Narrow Head on Moments of Clarity (Run For Cover) New
  4. Apology Letter by Yo La Tengo on This Stupid World (Matador) New
  5. Bitte' End by Unwed Sailor on Mute the Charm (Spartan) New
  6. Clara's Mouth by Bedridden on Amateur Heartthrob (Julia's War) New
  7. Loveless Love by Bandaid Brigade on Sex Is Terrifying (Xtra Mile) New
  8. CAN'T GIVE YOU LOVE - punk version by Catbite on CATFITE: A HXC Version of Catibite S/T (Bad Time)
  9. Love You Forever by THICK (Epitaph)
  10. Kiss the Ladder by Fleshwater on We're Not Here to Be Loved (Closed Casket Activities) New
  11. Long Distance by Single Mothers on Our Pleasure (Dine Alone)
  12. Money by Single Mothers on Negative Qualities (HXC)
  13. Who Loves Ya? (Coup d'état) by Chubby and the Gang on Labour of Love (Partisan)
  14. Twice Shy by Chubby and the Gang on Labour of Love (Partisan)
  15. Ain't There No One? by Chubby and the Gang on Labour of Love (Partisan)
  16. There Are So Many People Who Want To Be Loved by Sorry on Anywhere But Here (Domino) New
  17. I Need A Woman by Hockey Dad on Dreamin' (BMG)
  18. Hold Me by 1-800 Mikey on Plushy (Erste Theke Tontrager, Under the Gun)
  19. Ava Adore by Smashing Pumpkins on Adore (Virgin)
  20. Not Too Amused by Sebadoh on Bakesale (Sub Pop)
  21. Kimberly Austin by Porno for Piros on Good God's Urges (Warner)
  22. I Hope You're Unhappy by Farside on The Monroe Doctrine (Revelation)
  23. Totally (30th Anniversary Re-Mix) by Screeching Weasel on Anthem For A Tomorrow (Monoma) New
  24. Play for the Game by Radar State on Strays (Wiretap)
  25. The Circles Beneath Our Feet by Letterpress on Emotive Songs For Emotional People: act III (Missed Out) New
  26. Lawyers in Love by Hotline TNT on Hotline TNT Live @ WKDU (WKDU)
  27. Everything Ends by Roman Lions on Gradients (self-released) Local
  28. A Time Out of Time by Damper on Personal Fable (Old Press) Local
  29. Love Will Tear Us Apart (Pennine Version)- 2020 Remaster by Joy Division on Single (Warner)
  30. Lovetheme / Goodnight Lovers by Depeche Mode on Exciter (Mute)
  31. Conditional Love by Sarchasm on Conditional Love (Asian Man) New Local
  32. February 15th (Alone Forever) live acoustic by Hobo Johnson (self-released) Local