The Infinite Kaleidoscope 97 "Heart On"

I appreciate the opportunity to spend time with you again in the Infinite Kaleidoscope. I'm sending you my late but sincere Valentine's greetings.


Manu Dibango, "Soul Makossa" (This song is being played here today after reading this article about Talking Heads' Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz)

Taleen Kali, "Crusher" (Official video for this song that I worked on with Bailey Kobelin is here!)

Drahla, "Lip Sync"

2libras, "Heart On"

Nuovo Testamento, " Heartbeat"

Constant Smiles, "In My Heart"

India Sky, "Begin Again"

Fascinations Grand Chorus, "Love Me Tender"

Blone Noble, "Weapon of Love"

Artery, "Into the Garden"

Mareux, "Night Vision"

Echo & The Bunnymen, "All My Colours"

Chelsea Wolfe, "Tracks (Tall Bodies)"

Big Star, "Dream Lover"

Kate Bush, "All the Love"

Blitz, "For You"


  1. Soul Makossa by Manu Dibango on Manu Dibango Anthology (℗ 2000 Soul Makossa)
  2. Crusher by Taleen Kali on Crusher - Single (℗ 2023 Dum Dum Records) New
  3. Lip Sync by Drahla on Lip Sync - Single (℗ 2023 Captured Tracks)
  4. Heart On by 2libras on Heart On - Single (℗ 2023 Bloodflowers) New
  5. Heartbeat by Nuovo Testamento on Heartbeat - Single (℗ 2022 Discoteca Italia)
  6. In My Heart by Constant Smiles on Kenneth Anger (℗ 2023 Constant Smiles Under Exclusive License to Sacred Bones) New
  7. Begin Again by India Sky on Somewhere Over The Mystic Moon (℗ 2023 India Sky) New Local
  8. Love Me Tender by Fascinations Grand Chorus on Love Me Tender - Single (℗ 2020 Silent Stereo Records)
  9. Weapon of Love by Blone Noble on Weapon of Love - Single (℗ 2023 Curation Records)
  10. Into the Garden by Artery on Oceans (℗ 2009 Phantom Power Records)
  11. Night Vision by Mareux (℗ 2023 Mareux under exclusive license to Revolution Records)
  12. All My Colours by Echo & The Bunnymen on Heaven Up Here (℗ 1984 Warner Music UK Ltd)
  13. Tracks (Tall Bodies) by Chelsea Wolfe on Apokalypsis (℗ 2011 Sargent House)
  14. Dream Lover by Big Star on Third / Sister Lovers (Universal)
  15. All the Love by Kate Bush on The Dreaming (℗ 1982 The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Noble And Brite)
  16. For You by Blitz on Second Empire Justice (℗ 1983 Future Records)
  17. Near Death Experience by Windows 96 & Gavriel on How To See Through Walls (℗ 2023 Gabriel Eduardo) New Local