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  1. Press Gang by The Murder City Devils on In Name and Blood (Sub Pop)
  2. Famine Asylum by Nothing on The Great Dismal (Relapse)
  3. Bernie Sanders by Nothing on The Great Dismal (Relapse)
  4. Spend the Grace by Full Of Hell, Nothing on When No Birds Sang (Closed Casket Activities) New
  5. Anything But by Mizmor on Prosaic (Profound Love) New
  6. nothing but shit coming our way by Messiahnide on reasons to stay down in the seas... (messiahnide)
  7. Heart Turns Cold (feat. Colin of Arabia) by Street Power (Self-Released) New
  8. Motorcycle - Audiotree Live Version by Liz Cooper on Audiotree Live (Audiotree, Liz Cooper)
  9. Erased by Another Heaven on IV: Heaven Sent (MLPS LTD) New
  10. Slow Breeze by Double Grave on Till the Ground (Disposable America) New
  11. Scientists Hate Him for This One Simple Trick by Dylans on Settlers Adrift (PACB) New
  12. TERRIFIED by blink-182 on ONE MORE TIME... (Viking Wizard Eyes) New
  13. All Systems Go by Box Car Racer on Box Car Racer (Geffen)
  14. Wester by AFI on The Art of Drowning (Nitro)
  15. Evol by The God Machine on One Last Laugh in a Place of Dying (Polydor)
  16. Impending Doom Theory by Turmoil on The Process Of (Century Media)
  17. Again by Alice In Chains on Alice in Chains (Columbia)
  18. Frogs by Alice In Chains on Alice In Chains (Columbia)
  19. The Dead Flag Blues by Godspeed You! Black Emperor on f#a#∞ (Kranky)
  20. Song the Bullets Sing by Save Face (Counter Intuitive) New
  21. Like A Kennedy by Heart Attack Man on Freak of Nature (Many Hats) New
  22. Introduction / The Great Satan by Highway Sniper on The Great Satan (Smartpunk)
  23. Make Me A Pallet Fire On Your Floor by Self Defense Family on Make Me A Pallet Fire On Your Floor / Local Clerics (Run for Cover)
  24. The Devil's Warning / Mixer by Maneka on Devin (Exploding In Sound)
  25. This Punishing Blows by Science Man on Mince's Cane (Swimming Faith) New