Episode 251 - Hottest Year

We had the hottest year on record, babies. An all our bitching, revolting, writing, calling and emailing about every other issue that faces us WILL NOT MATTER if we don’t start to cool the planet.

Period. End of Sentence.



  1. Hot Girls in Love by Loverboy on Keep it up (CBS)
  2. Kickstart my Heart by Motley Crue on Dr. Feel Good (BMG)
  3. Hello There by Cheap Trick on In Color (Epic)
  4. I’m Not in Love by 10cc on The Original Soundtrack (Mercury)
  5. Year of the Cat by Al Stewart on Year of the Cat (Al Stewart)
  6. I Fuck Around by The Melvins on Working With God (Self Released)
  7. Join Our Death Cult by Chemtrails on Join Our Death Cult (PNKSLM) New
  8. War Pigs by Cake on b-sides and rarities (Upbeat Records) Local
  9. Nothing is As Good As They Say it is by Sparks on Nothing is As Good As They Say it is (Universal)
  10. Join the Resistence by Goat on Join the Resistence (Rocket) New
  11. Shakin’ by Eddie Money on Best of Eddie Money (Sony)
  12. King Rocker by Generation X on Valley of the Dolls (Chrysalis)
  13. I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down by Paul Young (CBS)