Vampire Dear #37: Goth is Black - Part II

Maybe some controversial choices. Just enjoy.


  1. Jenni by Grizz (Alternative Peeps)
  2. Sister Europe by Dreamcrusher on Haine (Lazed in You)
  3. No. 1 Fan by Majesty Crush on Fan (Vulva)
  4. Parallel Nightmares by Moor Mother on Fetish Bones (Don Giovanni)
  5. Tenement Roofs by Glorious Din on Leading Stolen Horses (Insight) Local
  6. The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum by Fun Boy Three on Fun Boy Three (Chrysalis)
  7. Suicide Kiss by A.R. Kane on 69 (Rough Trade)
  8. Tarantula by Colourbox on Colourbox (4AD)
  9. Hedonism by Skunk Anansie on Stoosh (One Little Indian)
  10. Silaluk by Shadow Age on Silaluk (6131)
  11. Until You're Forever by The Veldt on Afrodisiac (UMG)
  12. Staring at the Sun by Tv on the Radio on Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes (Touch and Go)
  13. four ethers by serpentwithfeet on blisters (triangle)
  14. Dead Come Alive by Neneh Cherry & The Circuit on SCIENCE FICTION DANCEHALL CLASSICS (On-U Sound)
  15. Grave by Mount Sims on A Grave E.P. (Hungry Eye)
  16. The Whip by Vampire Nation on Dead City Diary (Hexagon)
  17. Frightening, but blissful by Grizz (Alternative Peeps)