Vampire Dear #38: Goth is Black - Part III

Part 3 of Black gothic artists. This series includes gothic rock, industrial, darkwave, shoegaze, alt etc.


  1. Cold Cold Night by Scudocrow on Untitled (KinderGarten Records)
  2. Prison Tree by Cyrnai on 1980-1990 (Dark Entries)
  3. Lo & Behold by Spahn Ranch on Back to the Wood (Dais)
  4. Void by Debby Friday on BITCHPUNK (Self-Released)
  5. Cold World by Algiers on Shook (Matador)
  6. Give Me A Gun by Amanda Hughes on Where Am I? (Adnama Productions)
  7. Dentata by Big Momma on The Plague (Joshua Althena)
  8. Written in Blood by She Wants Revenge on This is Forever (Flawless)
  9. A Certain Person by Light Asylum on Light Asylum (Mexican Summer)
  10. Snakes (feat. Shannon Funchess) by Ford & Lopatin (Mexican Summer)
  11. Born Out of Darkness by Militia Vox on The Villainess (Sounds For The Starving Class)
  12. Noid by Yves Tumor on Safe In The Hands of Love (Warp)
  13. Seduction Surrender by Grace Jones on Bulletproof Heart (Capitol)
  14. The Myth Hold Weight by Moor Mother on The Myth Hold Weight (Don Giovanni)
  15. Trying to Leave My Body by M. Lamar on Negrogothic (CreateSpace)