Warm Focus: Metro Gnome

@Hoverbird is back from vacation! And dealing out some genre-agnostic, subtley imperfect and clicky beats. Enjoi.


  1. Rituals by Sekuoia on Finest Ego
  2. Live at 7-11 by Mux Mool on Planet High School (Ghostly International)
  3. Can it All Be So Simple (Instrumental) by El Michels Affair on Enter the 37th Chamber (Fat Beats)
  4. To Scale a Fish by E-Vax on Parking Lot Music
  5. Standard Error by Orcas on Orcas
  6. Not Going Back To The Harbour - Dauwd Remix by Lanterns on the Lake on Low Tide
  7. Pnom Gobal by Robag Wruhme on Thora Vukk
  8. Bowls by Caribou on Swim
  9. Sundialed by Steve Hauschildt on Where All is Fled
  10. Darling, Darling, Darling by Chapelier Fou on Darling, Darling, Darling
  11. Greenland by Emancipator on Safe in the Steep Cliffs
  12. Serenity by Bvdub on Serenity
  13. Leanna is a Quiet Meow by Lily on Wake:Sleep
  14. Ship by Isan on Plans Drawn in Pencil
  15. Oh, Why by Balam Acab on Wander/Wonder
  16. The Here and After (Instrumental) by Jun Miyake on Pena OST
  17. Treetop by Clams Casino on Rainforest EP
  18. 15 Step by Noordpool Orchestra on Radiohead, a Jazz Symphony
  19. Something We Lost by Sekuoia on Trips
  20. Toh-Sui by DJ Krush & Toshinori Kondo on Ki-Oku (Sony Japan)
  21. E40 by DIE VERBOTEN on DIE VERBOTEN '2007'
  22. Your Life by Andras Fox on Your Life EP
  23. Transatlantic by Quantic on Apricot Morning
  24. Myrtle Avenue by Floating Points on Shadow