Lucia Gonzalez-Ippolito, Part 2

In this podcast, Lucia picks up where she left off in Part 1. She dives into her own personal art history, from always drawing as a kid and young adult to eventually attending college at the San Francisco Art Institute. Before that, while attending City College, Lucia got her associates in child development and began teaching, something she continues to do to this day.

While at SFAI, she and some fellow students formed the SF Poster Syndicate, a group intended "to bring art and design to many different people’s movements in hopes that their message can be heard and seen more loudly."

The story of Lucia getting started painting murals intersects back with her activist mom and Balmy Alley in the Mission. She ends the podcast sharing the stories behind her first mural—"Mission Makeover," in Balmy Alley—and "Women of the Resistance," which she collaborated with the SF Poster Syndicate on. To see the murals, please visit our website.

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