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Extra Toppings first played Washington Square Park at 4:46pm on Friday 28th Nov, 2014.


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  • I have been thinking a lot about emo, but emo before skinny jeans. Emo when vest, fedoras, flares, side burns, and the overall dorkness of emo.

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  • The cottagecore eggpunk emo sludge of Kansas City takes on the thizzy nostalgic 90s radio rock and present day real Bay dreamcore hardcore of the Bay…

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  • Join me and DJ Sandy Switchblade as we take a journey through the past and chronicle sad songs throughout different parts of our lives!

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  • The annual Super Bowl episode of Twin Shrieks Radio is here. 11 on 11, but with 11 Philly bands taking on 11 acts from KC MO.

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@wringblue of @sadderdaysf makes a weekly mixtape and discusses emo and post hardcore of yesterday, today and tomorrow!

Coastal curated jams from the west & midwest. New garage, indie, punk & whatever else we feel like throwin' down.

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