One Step Closer (100 gecs Reanimation)

Linkin Park


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  • A foot on the bellows, Air transmuting heat. Heat transforming ore. Ore become more. Mix this week is dedicated to transformation in this Year of the…

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  • nu metal seems to be back, hyper pop is around, bring me the horizon glues it all together – I've found some songs I enjoy and…

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  • With each step we keep a piece. A keepsake memory. Each straw, twig, and vine mark each step. Bundled together into a fist. It's just enough…

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  • It starts as a note. A word. A move. As a groove right from pinky. Music moves. Rolling On and On & On as Waves through…

    Flow Radio 120 mins

  • House of Love 120 mins

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A weekly show where — in the spirit of a night out — we’ll try to dive into the topic of the universal language of music. Heavily biased towards Eastern Europe, Brazil and San Francisco.


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