Octagonal Room

salami rose joe louis


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I Luv Mondays first played Octagonal Room at 10:16am on Monday 26th Aug, 2019.


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  • Episode title "Keys to the World" is from the Julian Never song "Silver One", on friday they play the Aluminum record release show ( bandcamp )…

    I Luv Mondays 60 mins

  • I've been traveling and doing the tracklist post-broadcast, so the times don't really match. Episode title "Triumphant Buttress" refers to the song "Triumphant Buttress" by Salami…

    I Luv Mondays

  • Some spacy sounds with DJ LumberJake and MC PaTunez Kick

    Them(e) Changes 120 mins

  • Pre Show Jitters 120 mins

  • Episode tile "BRAND" is the name of a song by Greyhound, all proceeds from their album Scorched Earth ( bandcamp ) go to  Self Help Hunger…

    I Luv Mondays 60 mins

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