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Recent broadcasts featuring Valique

  • Today's episode is inspired by the famous morning beverage, smooth and energetic. Enjoy episode #248

    Espresso Sesh S6 E11 120 mins

  • Yes but not the usual ones! This week I focus on new takes of classic tarantellas, only on the first half-hour. Then the usual eclectic selection…

    Espresso Sesh S6 E9 120 mins

  • The very first ES episode from the new studio, getting familiar with it while playing the freshest worldwide music selection. Enjoy Episode #228

    Espresso Sesh S5 E34 120 mins

  • Haze and smoke almost all over California right now, here's my weekly fresh music selection to help clear up the sky and/or your mind. Enjoy Episode…

    Espresso Sesh S05 E32

  • Worldwide music selection live from my kitchen. Funk, soul, house, swing, cumbia, cha-cha, dub, you name it. Enjoy it. Episode #205 (video link here: )…

    Espresso Sesh S05 E11

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