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  • w/ Guest
    • Fiona Miller

    A a small break from the horrible COVID-times, Ben has managed to relocate for a change of scene. Unfortunately that place doesn't have a great internet…

    No Magic № 6

  • w/ Guest
    • Molly Merson
    • MFT

    Therapist and analyst Molly Merson joins me to talk about both the tension and the cohesion between social/climate justice and psychoanalysis. And we discuss a listener…

    Radical Advice № 112

  • Ben is travelling again and once again located in a hotel room in Belarus. However, since the available bandwidth last time proved… a little limited, we're…

    No Magic № 13

  • Hosted by
    • Lily Sloane

    Abuela's Pantry

  • On today's solo show, Lily fields life questions from places you wouldn't expect them. And yet the questions are just as human and relatable as any…

    Radical Advice № 88

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“This isn't about looking good. This isn't about making people like you. Remember why we're here: No magic. Just music.”

Radical Advice is a weekly advice show mixed in with socio-political commentary, education about the human psyche, smashing the patriarchy, and lots of resistance (but not the kind therapists complain about).


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