Mo Wax



Most recently, Flow Radio played Three Ralphs by DJ Shadow on Saturday 25th May, 2024.

On has played Mo Wax releases from artists such as DJ Shadow, U.N.K.L.E, DJ Krush.


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songs and words celebrating music, art, community, and friendship.

Jazz/funk/hip-hop/grooves from across the cosmos, since 2006.

“This isn't about looking good. This isn't about making people like you. Remember why we're here: No magic. Just music.”

finding flow as we wax aesthetic. Connecting and Diving Deep.

Cult Hero is a mix of classic and modern. It’s a lifetime of influences, including power pop, new wave, classic & retro soul, electronics, and jangly guitars. Mondays 6-7a Pacific on

Take a dive into a block of sound that spans the limits of genre and is held together by a central weekly theme.

Inspired by classic funk and disco, Make It Funky, a collective of DJs passionate about independent music, radio, and nightlife.

Uninterrupted instrumentals designed to induce a state of Flow.

Delivering a fun mix of independent and alternative music, featuring old favorites, new tracks, and local acts