We made it! It's a new day, 2020 is gone and the sun is… well, it's behind clouds. In fact, it's raining in San Francisco right now. Look, this was never going to be perfect, we knew that. But we're here!

As we embark upon whatever we make of 2021, many of your friends here at BFF.fm took one last look back to take something of worth from that infernal year that was. As the clock struck 12 (or 00, if you're so inclined), we wrapped up with BFF.fm's two big New Year traditions.

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The BFF.fm top 100

On New Years Eve, station founder DJ Cosmic Amanda and DJ Nora of I Rock I Roll teamed up for our annual, traditional marathon that is the BFF.fm Top 100 countdown. An 8-hour, live radio endurance spectacular. From 4pm right up to the bells at midnight.

Normally, Amanda and Nora would be cosy and celebrating in the BFF.fm studio, but of course this time it all happened in pyjamas from their couches. Through the magic of our remote broadcast system, and accompanied by a bouncing video chat party with a supporting cast of BFF.fm DJs, raucus fun was still had by all. We beckoned in the new year with our most-played tracks of 2020.

Or at least, most of us did.

You can check out our full end of year chart here: The BFF Top 100 of 2020.

Our DJs' top 5 picks for 2020

While counting down the chart, we also challenged our DJs to curate their personal highlights for the year. While generally you can expect to find recommendations of albums and music to take with you into the future, this time we really gave our DJs free reign this year to reflect however they needed to. It's been a time, friends. As such, alongside the usual array of musical reviews and recommendations, you will find at least one hamburger recipe.

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What will 2021 bring? Honestly, maybe we don't need to answer that right now. It's OK if we take a day. But, when you're ready, rest assured that BFF.fm is going to be here, providing the tunes, the live music, the podcasts, and the blogs to keep our Bay Area scene loud in your year.

Thanks to you, for all your support in this most trying of times. Thanks to our DJs, podcast hosts, writers and volunteers for keeping BFF.fm rocking through lockdown. We've been through a lot, but we're here, you're here, and that's enough. Happy new year. 🥂

Sunrise photograph by Andrew Moore, creative commons SA-BY license.