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An evening session with Ben Ward playing eclectic blends of pop, rock, electronic, dance and whatever else seems tangentially appropriate. A featured guest brings along their musical inspirations and stories, and we'll pour over the record of the week. “This isn't about looking good. This isn't about making people like you. No magic, just music.”

  • Tuesday 8:00 – 10:00pm


  • Good evening! This week's No Magic is recorded in advance, because it's Election Day here in the USA and though I can't vote, the show goes…

    № 80 120 mins

  • This week week feature Loma 's new record Don't Shy Away .

    № 79

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  • My introduction to Open Mike Eagle was his  A Special Episode Of EP back in 2015. We played it on Eclectic Kettle , and opening track…

    № 78 120 mins

  • This week's show features the excellent new record  Under the Spell of Joy, from LA's Death Valley Girls . A remarkably tight set of psych, rock,…

    № 77 120 mins

  • On this week's show we're featuring the new record from Cults . Host is one of those records that actually works really well on thsi show;…

    № 76 120 mins

  • This week's show features the brand new Fall to Pieces from Tricky .

    № 75 120 mins

  • It's been a bit of a time , in San Francisco. What with blocking out the sun, and then the horrendous smoke, on top of …everything…

    № 74 120 mins

  • This week we're featuring the genre-bending and weird Stainless Style from Neon Neon , the collaboration between Boom Bip and Gruff Rhys . “We wanted the…

    № 73 120 mins

  • This week we're featuring Kelly Lee Owens brand new Inner Song , which I've been playing all week long. Hers is music whose influences and inspirations…

    № 72

  • The world is having a bit of a moment, between everything that was already going on, plus huge lightning storms beckoning the start of an especially…

    № 71