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a place both wonderful and strange broadcasts dark electronic Brooklyn weirdness, occult rituals, vegan recipes, Hamilton commentary, and a lot of lies.

APBWAS is the Brooklyn-based Occult Electronic Performance Art project. In various incarnations, they play pretty songs, they blow speakers, they do a critically acclaimed and constantly sold out Twin Peaks-based show, they cook, they talk about Drake a lot. Must love dogs.



Heavy Rotation


  • It's a new moon, so I thought: I'll handle this one myself. New music from Jenny Hval, serpentwithfeet, and some musings on modern magic.

  • It's lucky episode 13, so why not hand the reigns over to something fittingly shimmeringly dark. Give it up for Meredith Meyer. Meredith’s life in music…

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  • Shout out Bunny, aka Partisan, for bringing a seriously me(n)tal mix.

  • Wil has helped me grab some music I'd been unable to find on numerous occasions. So I said "Wil, wanna do a whole show?" And Wil…

  • Hi. This week I just play a lot of music.