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Your R&B geography lesson.

Indulge in a regional perspective of music, and see how environment influences sound. Take it back to the old school, sprinkled with a little bit of today.

Oldies // Low Rider Jams // R&B // F U N K //  Hip Hop // Bass // BOUNCE // 90s // Samples // Chicano Soul // Y más

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  • Hello!! In for the holiday and am so happy to be back! Lots of MellyG classics: R&B SOUL CUMBIA HIP HOP y MASSSS

  • My fave tracks released this year: Hip Hop R&B and such! Lemonades and Untitled's and and and Kendrick, and Kamaiyah, and Tables. So much good stuff!

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  • French pop! French JAZZ French Hip Hop!! Do you see where I'm going with this? Dive into the psychedelic vibes of France. Vamanos FUN FACT: France…

  • [[BEGINS 11 mins in!]] Memphis & The 'Ville. Al Green & Otis Redding Aretha & Ann Peebles Carla Thomas & Cherub New School // old school…

  • Memphis, Tennessee soul music juggernaut of the South. Home to Stax and Hi Records, Sun Recording studio which infamously released Elvis' first album, and is also…

  • Shit this week was crazy. This week was rough. Spent most of it drunk or hungover, or at most times a combinations of both. Why did…

  • Have any questions on the ballot? Figure it out today on the Te Aprecio Show Special Guest TOM TEMPRANO! Tom is running for City…

  • Day of the dead is Nov. 2nd, let's celebrate the greats that are no longer with us through musica!

  • Saw Chance and Kanye perform this weekend. Feeling blessed inspired, and full of love and life! Who knew these two men could've done that for me.

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