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Your R&B geography lesson.

Indulge in a regional perspective of music, and see how environment influences sound. Take it back to the old school, sprinkled with a little bit of today.

Oldies // Low Rider Jams // R&B // F U N K //  Hip Hop // Bass // BOUNCE // 90s // Samples // Chicano Soul // Y más

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  • I've been away! Missed y'all. These songs/artists were what i listened to or discovered while on the road! Paris Hip Hop London Rock and R&B ATL…

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  • Melly G is in PARIS. Her brown boyz are takin' over once again. Hit 'em up in the DM'z: @MarioArmandoRuiz + @Jeffy_Tallywacker

  • MellyG is across the pond, so her boyz Jeff y Mario are gonna hold it down once again. You Goth?  You Wavy? You unsure, but…

  • While MellyG is in the Dirty South, her homeboys Mario and Jeff will play the dirtiest slow jams and R&B classics. The most inappropriate takeover. xo…

  • The Rec Dept. // TRD // The Rec Department Kicked it with the founders of Bay Area based record label: The Rec Dept .! Eric and…

  • YEEEEE So far so good! This year has yielded some p dope music, which is a new feeling for some people. Let's celebrate.

  • Berry Gordy Jr. was a wild man, but he sure had an ear for sound. All records from the notorious MoTown, up until the 1970's.

  • Hey, Did you know that MOTOWN is short for MOTOR CITY (or TOWN, rather)? Locals affectionately referred to Detroit as thus, because it was, well,…

  • Can there be TOO MUCH PHILLY? NOPE .